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Aina Kids

Since 1965, baby and child clothing, toys and add-ons,

Children's specialists, the best market brands that stand out for their creative materials and designs,

Educational toy shop designed and environmentally friendly,

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Ca n ' Aina is a family business dedicated to the making and sale of children's clothing since 1965. His beginnings were in the mother's house, hand-brewing mainly newborn clothes, and he became known for his perfection, fineness, and cleanness in the sewn, using noble fabrics such as the brinet and the thread.

With the arrival of the fashion made, they opened their shop in present-day Plaça Vella where they stood out for their assortment of product and selection of brands of both clothing and puericulture, ca n Aina quickly positioned itself as a reference in the world of children's fashion on the islands, both to dress them on special occasions, communions, beatings, or in their daily clothing, was also a reference in the introduction of a new puericulture in cradles, walk cars and other supplements, for local publico, residents and visitors,

At present we have a wide variety of quality and design products, we particularly value the proximity product, natural and ecological fabrics, attractive, funny, quality designs and comfortable for a publico from the newborn to the young teenagers,

We have a wide selection of newborns, clothes for drinks, baptizations, clothing port Sports, shoes, supplements, educational and sensory toys all framed in a wide and pleasant environment,

In ca n Aina we can boast of having dressed two generations of our children in nice, colorful, fun, high-design and quality clothes, toys and add-ons always to the latest fashion, this philosophy continues to guide us on our day-to-day and always offering personalized attention,


We are mainly looking for the combination of convenience and design, with the choice of the most suitable tissues for each age to be comfortable and durable pieces and their design making them attractive, funny, special.

For us, it is important to work with natural, light, and also ecological fibers that give particular value to the piece.

We value the proximity product and our suppliers are committed to making the world of fashion sustainable in time.

To do so, we do not hesitate to use the best Sample Fires or visit our suppliers to find the products that meet these requirements to create a large selection of items in our shops.


Our selection of toys starts from the smallest, for them we have sensory toys, designed to stimulate their intellectual and motor development,

Just as the age of children progresses we offer traditional evolutionary toys, these are simple and durable designed with natural materials such as wood or cloth, focused on exacerbating their imagination and wit always adapted to their level of development.They will achieve a learning environment that will lead them to grow socially, respectfully and happily


We've created this space, because we know it's not easy to group everything you need to equip our little kids, whether they're decorative articles for their room, *lamparas de guards or, you watch over drinks or articles to go to school as backpacks, *cantimploras, sandwiches or just small or large chestnuts to eat or perform their manualities we also have small puericulture, such as travel blinkers, tronas, orinals or dishes and bamboo covered, always colorful and funny, *special mention to our assortment of cotton owls or *bamboo with spectacular stamps to use anywhere, offering freshness and kindness


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10:15 - 13:30 / 16:30 - 19:30


10:15 - 13:30 / 16:30 - 19:30


10:15 - 13:30 / 16:30 - 19:30


10:15 - 13:30 / 16:30 - 19:30


10:15 - 13:30 / 16:30 - 19:30


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