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Who are we?

Teixit Empresarial de Pollença is the association of entrepreneurs of the municipality of Pollença.

We are an association with more than 70 associated companies that represent almost all the business sectors of our municipality,our goal is to group, represent and support all the companies and services of the municipality defending and promoting their interests.

Our association aims to be the nucleus from which business actions are developed. There can be no business revitalization without a strong, representative association with decision-making capacity, dialogue and negotiation, and with common interests and needs.

Fabric Empresarial de Pollença wants to be the tool for channelling the different actions and activities to promote pollença's business sector, a key tool to contribute to the development of a competitive, sustainable and professional sector. you can visit our companies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What do we do?

  • Promote and disseminate the commercial and business offer of our municipality
  • Strengthen the Business Fabric of Pollença, to make it more dynamic and of better quality
  • Advise on regulations, campaigns and subsidies that may be of interest to associates
  • Offer training adapted to the needs of each sector
  • Promote dynamization activities throughout the year
  • Work directly in collaboration with the City Council in the organization of different activities that help us promote companies and build a town.

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