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We are a Photography, Video and Design Studio. We offer comprehensive visual image services. We approach each project or request in a personalized way. We study each order to find the best option for you or your project.

Ask us and discover our world of possibilities.

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We are a young company with a long history in the field of photography, videography and visual design.

We offer different types of photography services, production audiovisual, aerial photography with drone, 360º photography to have a live experience of the place you want to make known. We work both for the business sector like tourism (hotels, holiday homes, restaurants, small business), architecture, product, business events, and for the private sector (weddings, baptisms and communions), family books, pregnancies, young people and children.

We have an image bank with 60 years of history both for advertising and decorative use. To complement photography we offer design services which help define your brand image, different ways to print and finish formats.

We have a small detail shop, where we offer service impressions in small and large format, framing, products to customize, frames and àlbums. Photo ID and other official documents. Transfer films and photographs to digital format.


We work on photography in two different lines, one for companies and the other linked personal and intimate world.

In business photography we look for images that communicate their values, whether of the people who work there, or of the facilities, we also develop conceptual images that convey an emotion, a concept or idea that you want to communicate.

On the other hand we conduct product sessions; for ecommerce, or to show on the web and other elements of graphic communication: brochures, displays, etc ...

Each order is unique, before we get to work we need to know what your needs are, what you want to communicate with your images, etc ..

If you need a special prop, models, etc.

We also offer aerial photography service with drone and 360º photography to have a live experience of the place you want to make known.

In the field of personal photography we are dedicated to sessions for events (weddings, baptisms and communions), family sessions, babies, children, pregnancies, boudoirs and portraits at any age.

For event photography we accompany you on important occasions

in your life, capturing the best moments and emotions, as they are

unique and unrepeatable. We tell your story in pictures to

help you create history. In addition to being accustomed, we advise and

support you so that you feel comfortable, safe and can enjoy the

moment and the session.

In our retail store we have the service of printing in small format immediately, printing and finishing small and large format, custom frames, gadgets to customize with your photo, message or logo, and a wide selection of frames and albums to save your photo prints. We also switched old formats from 8mm film, VHS, DVD, etc. to digital format.


As in photography, we carry out projects for both professionals and companies, as well as for private events.

In the professional line, we made simple projects such as an illustrative video to show a house for sale by a real estate agent or a video for an architect to show the distribution of the house and the quality of its finishes, small creative videos storytelling for social media. Even videos that require more creativity and script elaborate, small movies or commercials.

We take care of the filming, as well as the editing, the selection of music, the texts, etc ..

Always before starting a project we hold an interview to find out what the needs are and prepare a briefing together. We work in a personalized way adapting to the requirements and budget of the client.

Our event videos tell a little story of the people we filmed, capturing moments, people and emotions understanding that they are unique and unrepeatable. We accompany you and we attend to give you security and comfort, so that above all you enjoy your party and day.


If you have a professional project and need to define your brand image and graphics for a new project or service we help you find it and translate it into different media; cards, brochures, banners, displays, social media, web, etc.

We also have service printing finishes for small and large formats.

For personal projects we make the books of your photographs in a personalized way taking care of the details. We can also offer you the design of your invitations, reminders, bookmarks, etc


Comercial schedule


10:00 - 14:00 / 16:30 - 19:00


10:00 - 14:00 / 15:30 - 19:00


10:00 - 14:00 / 16:30 - 19:00


10:00 - 14:00 / 16:30 - 19:00


10:00 - 14:00 / 16:30 - 19:00


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Contact information

Carrer de Sant Isidre, 13A


Tel: +34971530346

All products of Micer

Gall mug to give away


"No diving" methacrylate plate, for pool

"No diving" methacrylate plate

Claire photo frame for 13x18 cm

Claire frame 15x20-13x18

Photo Archives Micer of the old fishmonger's located in the Plaça Major of Pollença, year 1963

Photo Archives Micer: Old Pollensa Fishmonger

Màquina d'impressió de fotografies

Printing photographic copies

Photo of Micer Archives from Antoni Maura street towards the old Capitol Cinema, Pollença 1963.

Photo Micer Archives: Antoni Maura Pollença street

KODAK 27 Photos Underwater Camera, waterproof to 15 meters, disposable. For a day of fun

KODAK 27 Photo Aquatic Camera

igitalització de tot tipus de cintes de vídeo domèstic com són VHS, VHS_C, DIGITAL 8 – Hi8, BETACAM, MINIDV; Formats professionals: BETACAM SP, BETACAM DIGITAL, DVDCAM; Format de Cinema, 8MM, SUPER 8, 16MM, 9 1/2; Format d’àudio, BOBINA OBERTA, CASSETTE, DAT, MICRO CASSETTE, MINI DISC, VINIL; Scanner de diapositives, negatius, fotografies, entre d’altres.

Digitization of all types of video tapes

Photo from the Micer Archive, fishermen with their llaüt working on a pier on the beach of Albercuix in Port Pollença, 1971.

Photo Archive Micer: Fishermen in Port Pollença

Personalized mug with your horoscope, we have them all available.

Horoscope Mug